About Us



Barbara grew up in Venice and knows almost everybody here. She likes to travel and has explored the most remote corners of the world.

All guests, landlords and employees appreciate their extraordinary helpfulness, kindness and generosity and of course their practical skills in every area of ​​our activity.

Apart from her mother tongue, she speaks English, French, Spanish and a little German.




Kirsten, born in Lörrach, lived for a long time in her adopted home Hamburg, where she worked as a musician and trainer for florists.

She has lived permanently in Venice since 2001 and has quickly become a mainstay of the Mitwohnzentrale team.

Thanks to her power of observation and her empathy, Kirsten is always a great help to our clients in choosing the right apartment. This experience also helps in the selection and inclusion of new apartments in our inventory.

She speaks in addition to her mother tongue also English, French and Italian.



Juergen is a hamburger and lives since 2005 in Venice. There he devoted himself to music full-time for many years, both in records and CD trade and as a musician.

It takes patience and precision to ensure a smooth handover of the apartment handovers around the clock. Characteristics that no one could better fulfill than Juergen, with its serene, tranquil, just Nordic character.

Apart from his mother tongue, Juergen speaks English and a little Italian.



Helga was born and raised in Nuremberg. She was a bank employee for many years. Their long-cherished desire to live in Italy was one of the reasons for the founding of our co-habitation center in the fall of 1995. Venice lovers from all over the world should have a completely new, original and inexpensive way to experience and “inhabit their favorite city”.

Since then, she has devoted herself full time to working in the co-habitation center. In addition, she practices and teaches yoga with enthusiasm and dedication.
Helga speaks, except her mother tongue, English, Italian and a little French.