How to Arrive to Mitwohnzentrale Venezia Apartments

In this page you will find some valuable information about how to arrive to Mitwohnzentrale Venezia Apartments.

Book a Prontopia Local

Venice can be a difficult city to navigate. For a stress-free arrival/departure and for any help you may need getting around the city in Venice, we recommend that you download the Prontopia app before your arrival. The Prontopia app helps you get around the city easily by connecting you with an on-demand Local. Prontopia Locals know the best way to get you and your belongings where you need to go, and help with any practical needs along the way as well as tips for dining, shopping, and entertainment. Whether you need help for 15 minutes or all day long, contact Prontopia for help via the app, and a friendly Local is here to assist with immediate solutions.


Contact Us

Please contact us and we shall pick you up on your arrival at a boat stop which is close to the apartment and then escort you to your apartment.